All our limousines are equipped with air condition and mobile phones and guarantee a comfortable and relaxed trip.Allourlimousinesareequippedwithairconditionandmobilephonesandguaranteeacomfortableandrelaxedtrip.

Mercedes S-ClassMercedesS-Class

Mercedes benz s-class limousine.

The limousine offers enough space for 1-3 Pax. In our offering you will find the long version as well.

  • Mercedes benz limousine.
  • Mercedes benz limousine.

Mercedes E-ClassMercedesE-Class

A mercedes benz e-class limousine.

Electro-hybrid. The limousine offers enough space for 1-3 Pax.

  • Interoir of the mercedes benz e-class.
  • Mercedes benz e-class limousine.

Audi A8AudiA8

A Audi A8 limousine.

The audi A8 is the most sportive limousine in this category. It offers enough space for up to 1-3 Pax.

  • An Audi A8 limousine.
  • Interior of the Audi A8 limousine.

VW PhaetonVWPhaeton

A vw phaeton.

The new VW phaeton offers enough space for 1-3 Pax.